When my grandmother made us cinnamon toast for breakfast, she’d slather soft butter on it and top it with delicious cinnamon sugar. Melted butter toast, she called it. She was from Scotland and I guess that’s the way toast is done there.

My mom keeps up the tradition. When she comes for the weekend, we joke that we better have a pound of butter in the fridge. When she makes grilled cheese for my son, you better watch out.

Butter is in our DNA. That sounds bad. I feel clogged up just thinking about that. So it’s kind of unlikely that I’m giving up dairy.

Goat cheese, feta? Cheater! Baked potatoes, omelets & Mexican are altered forever!

These are the things your brain screams when you give it up: Goat cheese, feta? Cheater! Baked potatoes, omelets & Mexican are altered forever!

I’m getting used to dipping plain bread into my healthy soup for lunch…

The book “Yoga and Vegetarianism” ruined it for me. There’s a passage about a day in the life of a dairy cow and it’s just, well, sorrowful and heartbreaking. I read it years ago and can’t un-remember it.

I definitely need more ideas for this dairy-free push. I can’t eat Trader Joe’s trail mix and Kind bars forever. Help! I’m already all about the soy milk but what dairy-free things (meat-free too) do YOU like? Let me know below!


Dear Russell Wilson

Rooting for you means when my kid and I arrive home and see the neighborhood boys tossing a football that we can join in, and pretend to be you.

What I do is jump up and down on the sidelines calling to Jack: “Russell Wilson, find your man! Find your open man!” Jack giggles as Luke and Tommy jostle each other, trying to make the catch. They make me be referee and tell me to call them on all kinds of things like pass interference and roughing the passer. They love it when I chuck down the flag which is just Luke’s green hat.

Rooting for you means on Fridays Jack too wears his Seahawks shirt to school like the other kids. Rooting for you means you show my kid how to look fear in the eye. You teach us to go 1-0 in our own lives. And to cut out all the noise.

You teach us to go 1-0 in our own lives. And to cut out all the noise.

Three years ago we weren’t even watching football. We’re a baseball family. But the Mariners haven’t been great since Olerud & Edgar, so sports in our house just hasn’t been on. It’s different now!

I mean, I’m even watching your press conferences and checking the injury report on Seahawks.com. How can I not be obsessed? The whole city is!

It’s an irresistible story: a bunch of ragtag underdogs who prepare, falter and triumph. Guys becoming the best version of themselves. Don’t we all want that? We believe in the way you guys embrace adversity.

I know on Tuesdays you go to Children’s Hospital and bring light to the young cancer patients. Please remember the kids with epilepsy too. They face a lifelong battle. The delays are deep. A lot of them are having brain surgery too, so the whole family’s scared.

This Sunday I know the fire in your heart will keep you warm in Minnesota. We know: Hawks are on fire. This is definitely a love story. God bless you and keep you safe (and Tyler Lockett, and Sherman and Chancellor…).


Blair, mom to Jack, who’s struggled with seizures

P.S. This is a selfish ask, but if you can find time in your schedule and come to my kid’s school for a pep talk about accepting differences, it’d help Jack tremendously. He’d soar and that’s my goal, to help him soar.