4th of July Weekend Checklist

We have a 4-day weekend!!

  • Blast Sandinista while walking the dog on the Burke…smile at many people, get┬ásmiles in return…Somebody Got Murdered all right…Chicago, North Carolina, Seattle…Lightnin’ Strikes Old New York & all that
  • Exercise for at least 1 hour each day
  • Talk to Dad
  • Facetime with J
  • Start Hedgebrook application
  • Drive to the Skagit, see Ma, swim in Shelter Bay pool
  • Jack’s swim lesson, Jack to the driving range
  • Sparklers in the backyard
  • Grilled salmon & blackberry pie
  • Rent a pedal boat on Greenlake (goofy but SO worth it)
  • Finish reading Trumpet of the Swan to Jack
  • Own it own it own it